Sam Trickett Talks $50million Pots and Bluffing Billionaires

As a highstakes poker pro, Englishman Sam Trickett probably thought he had seen it all – but when a friend started betting $500,000 a time in Melbournes Crown Casino it shocked even him, describing it as a bit like a James Bond villain scene!

By: Andrew Burnett

In a recent interview, the partypoker-sponsored pro describes a friend who plays “huge, huge games. $500,000 a box on blackjack and backgammon… butlers everywhere, people coming in and out and it is just him one-on-one with the dealer".

“I’m just sat there watching and it is pretty surreal at times, watching that amount of money change hands”.

For a man with over $20million in live tournament earnings – almost $3million of it coming in a one glorious week at that same Crown Casino back in 2011 - it’s hard to believe that there are games out of even his financial reach, but Trickett’s Macau tales confirm it.

“I have seen a pot of $20million in Macau,” he says, explaining: “A friend of mine bluffed it all off to a businessman, which is pretty stupid. You probably shouldn’t be bluffing billionaires too often because they’ve got so much money they are going to call!"

Rumours of just how big the Macau cash games can get have swirled around the poker world for years, and Trickett claims they are higher even than imagined at times – too big for his otherwise deep pockets.

“My friends that I talk about are playing bigger all the time. They are playing like $50million pots if the game gets really big. I used to play in it when it was a smaller game but it has just got too big for me now; it is absolutely massive.”

It’s all relative, of course, and Trickett’s achievements and financial clout are undeniably the envy of most – a custom-built Ferrari, luxury home in Ibiza and jet-setting lifestyle testament to his own poker-made wealth.


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At some point, though, the massive swings in poker can get too much. “If you go on a rollercoaster for the first time it is amazing, but if you go on it 50 times, it is not going to be as fun.”

Trickett’s interview with the Daily Mirror can be read in full here.


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