Twitter Poll Confirms Majority of Poker Players Are Unethical!

The rules of poker are pretty clear, and most people stick to them, but what about those gray areas – the ethical decisions we have to make from time to time? Well, here is a shocking starter for you – 83% of players would steal the blinds online if their heads-up opponent disconnected!

By: Andrew Burnett

Poker is full of such awkward and demanding situations, but some were shocked at the huge number of people who wouldn’t sit out and give their opponent the chance to reconnect, Mike ‘The Mouth’ Matusow among them...

A selection of those who disagreed makes for interesting reading however…

  • It’s online — pillage the blinds!
  • It’s part of the game. Unless I knew it was a reg that would wait for me, I’m blinding them out.
  • It’s not stealing blinds. I’m maximising my hourly as there’s no guarantee my opponent even reconnects.
  • 6 years ago sit out, now make my best guess as to what they would do and do the same.

The world – and the game of poker – have changed, of course, but there has always been dishonesty about in every walk of life, particularly where money is involved, and poker/gambling is certainly no exception.

English pro William Kassouf recently lost his sponsorship after allegedly pocketing roulette chips. Maybe he should play UK casino online games instead, where pocketing virtual chips is a bit trickier! But all joking aside, this throws up a fundamental difference…

Playing live and online are different beasts, the former throwing up more obviously ‘illegal’ or ‘rule-breaking’ incidents, online featuring many ‘unethical’ decisions from players.

If you’re playing live heads-up and your opponent is taken unwell or otherwise has to leave the table, there will be a grace period and likely a decision made by the dealer/floor/whatever.

Online, it’s your own nature that rules the day.

Ben Foxwell replied to Leonard’s tweet – and the ‘6 years ago…’ comment as follows:

With a reg/known where there is a level of mutual respect, wait. But too many people’s morals aren’t in the right place, and you’re only going to screw yourself over by doing the right thing. Kindness can only get you so far in a game where winning money is the primary aim”.

Money is god in the modern age and people’s views are so much aligned to it that even getting 17% saying they’d sit out – and there were more than 7500 replies! – is remarkable.

Leonard was inspired to set another quiz for his fans and followers, and again the answer says a lot about how players think and act nowadays

…and this one too, which is even more extreme, hence the more even split….

That’s now fellow players AND sites that the majority are in favour of ‘screwing over’ for personal gain – and go out of your way to do so - and it’s hard to believe that ‘plenopads’ fans and followers are any different from the rest of the poker community.

Here’s a quick and easy ‘ethical’ quiz for you to take…

  1. You spot a mark in a card when playing live. Do you tell the dealer or not?
  2. You are playing online and chatting about hands with a friend. Unethical or not?
  3. You bust out of a tournament online, but your friend is still in. You take over from him because you are the much better player? Ethical? Legal?
  4. You deliberately disconnect mid-hand on a site that has Disconnect Protection. Unethical?
  5. Playing live, your friend texts you his cards after each hand. Against the rules? Unethical?


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