Global Poker Rolls Out Crazy Pineapple on $weeps Cash Tables

Players on the Gold Coin tables at Global Poker are already familiar with Crazy Pineapple, but the exciting poker variant is now also available on the $weeps Cash tables.

By: Charles Rettmuller

That announcement was made by everybody's favorite social poker site, Global Poker, the site that also pays out real cash prizes to winners. Using a unique and patented Sweepstakes Model, Global Poker has become the hottest poker room around, offering ring games, Sit & Go’s and tournaments round the clock.

Crazy Pineapple

Players who may be unfamiliar with Crazy Pineapple will pick up the rules of the game in no time. It's Texas Hold'em with a twist, as players receive three hole cards pre-flop instead of two.

After the flop and a round of betting, each player must discard one of their three hole cards. The rest of the hand continues as a typical Texas Hold'em hand, with a Turn card hitting the board and a round of betting, followed by the River card and the final betting round before showdown.

The best five-card hand from two hole cards and the community cards wins the pot.

Your chances of making a better hand have increased via the third hole card. That tends to increases the action among the players at the table, putting more money in the pot.

Games Galore

If you have yet to try Crazy Pineapple, you can find it spread at Global Poker across a wide range of stake levels in No Limit format. Of course, Pot Limit Omaha and Texas Hold'em - Fixed Limit and No Limit - remain among the offerings on Global Poker's Gold Coin and $weeps Cash tables.

Gold Coins are a virtual currency unique to Global Poker, available for purchase and to play socially. However, players who buy Gold Coins receive free bonus currency in the form of $weeps Cash™ (SC$).

That $weeps Cash can be redeemed for real cash, adding lots of fun (and profits) to the social poker experience. As you can likely deduce, the Gold Coin and $weeps Cash tables are populated with tons of recreational players, many of whom have tired of social poker at sites like Zynga where the rewards of winning have no actual cash value.

New players at Global Poker receive 5,000 free Gold Coins and SC$2 upon registering at the poker site, so if Crazy Pineapple has piqued your interest, now would be a fine time to register and try out the game. More $weeps Cash can be obtained via competitions that Global Poker offers on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.


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