Loose Leon’s One-Outer for Quads in the Caribbean Poker Party

Day three of partypokers S10million guaranteed MILLIONS World started with a massive cooler – Leon Loose Leon Tsoukernik rivering quads to knock both Jason Koon and Christopher Kruk out of the event at the Caribbean Poker Party!

By: Andrew Burnett

♠ ♣ ♥ ♦

If you can read Brazilian/Portuguese, that tweet records the three way all-in involving some of the biggest names in the game, an unusual occurrence – and the hand did its best to match its masters, the lead swinging on every card…

Tsoukernik: 5♠ 5♥
Kruk: A♣ J♣
Koon: 8♥ 8♦

Flop: Q♣ 8♠ 5♣

That was flopped trips for Kings Casino boss Leon and Canadian high-stakes pro Kruk, with the nut flush draw for one of this year’s biggest winners Koon, so it was no surprise that all the money went in the middle faster than you can say ‘what are the odds…’

Turn: 9♣

The club came home for Koon, but he still had to dodge Kruk’s possible full houses on the river, with poor Leon drawing to a one-outer although it was the other players whose tournament lives were at stake….

River: 5♦   

"Yes! What a start! I can't believe it!" screamed Leon as his 2.39% outsider came home at exactly the right moment, leading Kruk for one to bemoan his fate on Twitter…

…Koon also departing shell-shocked, both men likely to jump into the $50k Super High Roller that kicks off today..

The live reporting by PokerNews caught the aftermath of the stunning cooler, Tsoukernik asking: "How much was that pot, anyway? I'm the chipleader for sure!" before adding: "They should have ordered coffee, too. They would still be here."

As they near the money bubble, the top 5 chip leaders are…

Leon Tsoukernik 28,400,000
Ben Tollerene 21,140,000
Roger Teska 20,900,000
Chance Kornuth 20,500,000
Steve O’Dwyer 19,550,000



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