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Okay, so we may often experience disappointment when it comes to football, and we aren't always so clever in cricket, either, but us Brits not too shabby when it comes to performing at the poker table. We rank third in World Series of Poker bracelets, in fact, behind only the USA and Canada. As Americans make up a huge majority of players entering the competition every year, we aren't doing too badly at all.

There’s a lot of talent here in the UK and so perhaps it’s no coincidence that online poker is so popular on British shores. There are countless casinos offering poker with sites such as offering a rundown of the most popular. Of course, it takes some practice to be good enough to be invited to the WSOP. So who’s the best of the best of UK poker talent? Let’s look here at the top five players.

Chris Moorman

You’d be hard pressed to find any list of the top UK poker players without seeing the name Chris Moorman. The Essex-born player has set up home in Las Vegas where he has earned legend status after becoming the first player ever to accumulate $10mn from online poker tournaments. The man has won some 363 online tournaments. Oh, and he’s pretty good at live events, too, with winnings of $5,511, 699, including a WSOP bracelet and a World Poker Tour Title.

Niall Farrell

Niall Farrell may come across as a man all about beer and smiles but don’t let that fool you- he knows how to win at poker. In fact, he’s one of the best poker players in the business. He’s also one with close to $5.1mn in live tournament winnings to his name, in addition to over $3.1mn won online. His titles include World Poker Caribbean and European Poker Tour Malta. His WSOP win saw him become Scotland’s very first bracelet winner. We can expect him to win more of those in the next few years.

Stephen Chidwick

Known for being likeable and professional, Stephen Chidwick takes the game of poker very seriously indeed. He also has the results to show for it. His live tournaments winnings stand at $17mn and it can’t be too long before he overtakes Sam Trickett, who currently has the top UK all-time winnings at $20.8mn. Chidwick is also popular due to his mixing it up at all levels. He may regularly come face-to-face with the best of the no-limit Hold’em players but he also seems to enjoy playing Omaha, Stud, and even games such as Deuce-to-Seven Triple Draw and Badugi.

Patrick Leonard

Leonard ranked No. 1 in the world rankings in 2014, even though he played in fewer games than a number of his rivals. After transitioning from cash games to tournaments, he’s been on fire. He’s accumulated close to $5.3mn from online tournaments, as well as $2.2mn from live events. He won three consecutive tournaments in Vegas in 2017 after victory in two High Rollers and the Bellagio Cup XIII. He’s also known for helping the game of poker itself. He’s campaigned for reduced rake for online players, as well as improved clarity and structures.

Conor Beresford

While there were a number of other players up for consideration for our fifth and final spor, we went with one with both success and potential. Beresford seems to win a five-figure score every week. Ranking as high as second in the world in 2016, he’s managed to amass some $6.44mn in online tournament winnings. While he doesn’t play live as much as he used to, he’s won $510,373 from live tournament to. He’s certainly a player to watch.


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