A Great Winter is Coming, but Gus Hansen May be Leaving Early!

He would make a fantastic character in Game of Thrones, and if fans of that epic series are looking forward to another bucketload of episodes very soon, then fans of Gus Hansen can expect the same – his summer and fall adventures making way for what he says will be a Great Winter...

By: Andrew Burnett


A little update

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With a double rack of chips in front of him, a common sight this year, it’s hard to imagine the Great Dane losing – but of course only those in the Big Game at Bobby’s Room really know who’s winning and losing.

Swapping denims for his trademark casual shirt and suit, Gus was back with a question…“On my way to work in Wall Street, or to fuck people in Bobby’s Room – your choice”. Well, there’s only one answer to that really!


Where is he going?

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Another day, another change of clothes as the legendary Danish highstakes pro set off to “Wreak havoc in Bobby’s Room”


Different day, but .......

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But for fans and followers alike, the cryptic final Instagram video raised more questions than it answered, Gus apparently ready for the off before Winter had even kicked off in earnest – “Vanished like a fart in the wind” to quote the man himself…


Vanished like a .... .. ... ....

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Has he had enough? Bust his bankroll? Bust everyone else in the game? Or just a short pause in his 2018 Vegas adventures? Gus will doubtless be back soon to reveal all!


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