Global Poker Gives Thanks to Players on Thanksgiving Holiday

As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, Global Poker is preparing a variety of prizes for its loyal players.

By: Charles Rettmuller

The men and women behind the world's fastest growing online poker room know that a poker site wouldn't exist without its players. So, in turn for the loyalty and dedication shown by their faithful customers, Global Poker is giving thanks in the way that poker players enjoy the most - via new promotions.

The promos will be revealed in due course. In the meantime, Global Poker wishes everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving - a time of year that US online poker players typically step away from the action for a while to spend time with family.

That family time typically revolves around gorging on turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie. For many, it also includes watching exciting NFL action on television.

It's an American tradition with roots that extend for years upon years. Also with deep roots is the game of poker, which was borne overseas under different names such as 'poque' in France and 'pochen' in Germany centuries ago.

European settlers brought the game to North America where it was given the name of 'poker' in the early 1800s. The game has certainly thrived and is now a significant part of American culture, serving as a source of pleasure for millions of Americans and millions more people throughout the world.

One could argue that Texas Hold'em is as American as apple pie. Other poker variants have sprang up along the way including Crazy Pineapple, which is now spread on both the Gold Coin and $weeps Cash tables at Global Poker.

Players are invited to register at in order to receive early notices of the latest promos and information about what’s in store for December and beyond. Happy Thanksgiving!


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