The $2million Dollar Barcode Account

When you take a look at the graph below it could easily evoke a Hot Dang! comment, and you would be very close as a matter of fact, the $2million+ poker winnings belonging to Hac Dang and his PokerStars account – his barcode just one of the monikers he uses when playing the highest stakes online.

By: Andrew Burnett

When you add in his phenomenal $6,579,566 profit on Full Tilt under ‘trex313’

…Hac’s 7th spot in the all-time online cash game winners list isn’t a surprise, but having to fight to be the ‘winningest’ member of his family might be – his brother Di Dang also boasting over $8million online – ‘Urindanger’ perhaps the best-known of all the siblings’ accounts.

All-time moneywinner lists change with time, of course, and what with different screennames and sometimes lower-stakes players amassing $millions without ever breaking through into the nosebleed levels, it’s all rather relative – but makes the Dangs’ careers no less impressive.

To be the best you have to play the best, and Hac Dang playing online as ‘1Il|1Il|1il|’ has certainly done that – a list of his opponents being a who’s who of the online nosebleed legends gang – Liviu ‘0Human0’ Ignat, Timofey ‘Trueteller’ Kuznetsov and Jens ‘Jeans89’ Kyllönen prominent among them.

It was another legendary player – Ilari ‘Ilari FIN’ Sahamies – who provided the biggest single pot that Hac ever won in his ‘barcode days’, a $317,670 monster heads-up at the PokerStars $200/400 6-max tables…

…with Sahamies again the victim in his 2nd biggest pot, Ben ‘Ben86’ Tollerene and Ronnie ‘1-ronnyr3’ Kaiser interested onlookers at the table as it played out…

How did the brothers get to this level and what happened to them when they eventually packed in their highly-lucrative online poker careers?

A normal story to begin with at least, Di took the game while studying at the University of Virginia, bouncing ideas off his brother Hac as they worked their way up the stakes together, initially sharing a bankroll before branching out to take on the world’s best.

Initially anonymous, it was only when Di, the more media-friendly of the duo, started to create training videos for Phil Galfond’s RunItOnce site, that the masks were removed.

If we were to look at live play, the story would be completely different – neither brother really setting the tables on fire – Di once famously turning a weekend in Macau into a 3-week $1.2million nosedive in the big live cash games there, while Hac barely has a live result worth recalling, at least publicly.

All good things come to an end, of course, and eventually the Dang’s switched their poker skills for the food business – opening a chain of crawfish restaurants called Chasin’ Tails in their home state, very rarely being seen at a poker table in the years since.

All told, it’s one – or perhaps that should be two -  of the most successful poker stories in the history of the game – hot Dangs indeed!


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