HighStakes Launch €1.5M GTD Schedule Plus €18,000 Leaderboard

The winter holiday season is well and truly upon us, with HighStakes.com unleashing a massive €1.5M GTD Schedule to start December with a bang, throwing in an €18k leaderboard and €6k Freeroll Festival to add to the festive fun…

By: Andrew Burnett

The newest and brightest star of the online poker world has scheduled an array of amazing tournaments, with buy-ins ranging all the way from €1 up to €10,000 – with the freerolls having their own special place as we shall see a little later.

First things first though, let’s quickly run through…

…the €1.5M GTD HighStakes Schedule

  • Kicking off December 1st and running until December 31st
  • €30,000+ in Guarantees Every Weekday
  • €120,000+ in Guarantees Every Sunday
  • More than 20 different buy-ins
  • Freezouts, rebuys and add-ons
  • Tournaments running from 9am until after midnight

The full schedule can be found here

A massive series requires a hugely attractive leaderboard of course and the…

HighStakes.com €18,000 December MTT Leaderboard

…fits the bill just nicely, and you don’t have to worry about the nosebleed crew stealing all the prizes; only tournaments of €500 and less will be counted towards the leaderboard.

All MTT’s above this level will not influence leaderboard points, which means you’ll probably not be on HighStakes.com pro Luke _FullFlush1_ Schwartz’s Christmas pigeon list!

Anyway, here are some of the €18k leaderboard ‘must-knows’…

  • live feed updates of the leaderboard every 30 minutes
  • easy to follow leaderboard formula: (Buy In x (Total Entrants / Finishing Position))
  • €3500 up top for the leaderboard champion
  • top 20 spots paid

It all begs the question asked by the HighStakes.com crew: “Do you have the heart and commitment to fight, compete and end the year the way you intended to end it when you started?”

What else has been arranged to add to the festive fun…

Freeroll Festival

This will be HighStakes.com’s first-ever Freeroll Festival – and what better time to give away €6,000 of completely free-to-enter tournaments.

Some of poker’s greatest legends started out on the freeroll route, an “effective way to gain experience and confidence” and “a great source of value” according to Schwartz, who explained: “I lost all my money to begin with and wish I started playing freerolls instead”.

Well, that’s enough to be getting on with just now, so why not get yourself into the festive spirit by heading over to HighStakes.com - an early present will definitely take those winter blues away!


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