Sam Trickett Wins $300k in Wild HighStakes PLO Game

It was as though the good old days of the highstakes online poker had never been away, $millions on the table in Tricketts Room as the English legend took on the likes of Rob Yong, Aussie Matt Kirk and some deep-pocketed mystery players…

By: Andrew Burnett

The $200/400 PLO game soon caught the attention of Joe Ingram, who decided to rail the nosebleed table, amazed that in 2018 someone would be sitting with more than $600k!

SwordfishAA is none other than Australian crypto-multi millionaire Matt Kirk, of course, a well-known face at the biggest live and online tables – rumour having it that he made some $600million from his early Bitcoin purchases…

Last year we reported on some similar massive sessions of PLO on partypoker’s invite only Trickett’s table, his profit for the week some $910,000.

Ingram decided to livestream a chunk of the highstakes action, with fans of the game chiming in with their thoughts on who some of the other mysterious millionaires are…

Is MoneyMonk1 really Todd Brunson as one YouTube comment suggests? It seems unlikely that such a big name would remain anonymous for so long.

How about Big_Fish11? Well it can’t be Kings Casino boss Leon Tsoukernik, because that mighty PLO aficionado, under the moniker KingsOfLeon was sat next to Big_Fish11 in another big session earlier this year! Most likely it’s the enigmatic Roman L. a Russian with plenty of money!

Whoever they are, they don’t seem to have walked off with the money – Ingram tweeting that Dusk Till Dawn Casino head honcho Rob Yong, and Trickett himself, were the big winners…


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