Phil Hellmuth Wins $23k Tennis Prop Bet!

It was a long time coming, but Phil Hellmuth finally shared his tennis prop bet videos with the world, the 54-year old attempting to not only return the serve of a pro (which would be worth $7k) but also trying to win a point from him (for another $16k)…

By: Andrew Burnett

If you want to see ‘the moment of truth’ for big Phil, skip to his final tweet below, but if you enjoy a slow-buildup… here’s a blow-by-blow account on Twitter from the 14-times WSOP bracelet winner himself…

With male tennis pros usually serving at well over 100mph, the 80mph limit for the unnamed pro he was facing gave Hellmuth some chance of winning the bet – but those first two serves didn’t exactly thrill Phil’s fans…

Phil was soon getting into the swing of things, however, a ‘few close calls’ prompting the pro to offer Phil a buy-out of $3k

…but Hellmuth is nothing if not confident in his own abilities, despite finding the net with the next couple of attempts…

…but finally he connected with one – the moment of truth as he called it – and not only did he win $7k for getting the ball back over the net, the pro was so shocked that he fluffed an extra $16k into the net!

It wasn’t Hellmuth’s first sporting prop bet win, the ‘Poker Brat’ taking $10k from Doug Polk last year in an amazing one-shot only basketball 3-pointer


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