OPL HighStakes.com Special Features €6K Added Over 11 Events

As 2018 winds down, online poker players have an opportunity to end the year on a high note by playing in a special Online Poker League series that offers €6,000 added over 7 days and 11 tournaments.

By: Charles Rettmuller

The action gets underway on December 16 at HighStakes.com with a €100 Freeroll and a 6-Max event where a €5 buy-in can get you a piece of the €250 prize pool. What's more, top winners of the tournaments will advance to special BIG SUNDAY events set for Dec. 30 at HighStakes.com.

The schedule on BIG SUNDAY features LOW, MID and HIGH events that will include top winners of all 11 events played throughout the week of Dec. 16-23. The buy-ins for the 11 tournaments run the gamut from freerolls to €50, providing opportunities for all players - regardless of bankroll size - to grab some easy money.

All of the series action will be streamed live on Twitch by Ryan Schoonbaert at Twitch.Tv/RSchoonbaert. Joining Ryan with streams of their own will be Twitch.Tv/DramaticDegen and Twitch.Tv/pokerbrahs.

The OPL celebrated its 10th season as the world's largest Online Poker League. The HighStakes.com special series from Dec. 16-23 and the BIG SUNDAY events on Dec. 30 are a fine cap to exciting 2018 online poker action. All players are invited to participate!


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