Global Poker Reg Wins Two Sunday Tournaments on Same Day

A renewed focus on MTTs proved extremely worthwhile for a loyal Global Poker player who won SC$14,000 in one day by taking down both the Sunday Teaser and Sunday Scrimmage.

By: Charles Rettmuller

‘Johnny Tremz,’ a New York resident and a regular at Global Poker since January, accomplished the amazing feat recently. He topped fields of 208 in the Teaser and 236 in the Scrimmage to earn a nice payday, capping off a winning run that began last month.

“November was an incredible month for me," Johnny said. "I’ve had a lot of success with MTTs over the course of my poker life. It’s every person’s dream to do what I did, but it’s pretty surreal. It still hasn’t sunk in yet.”

Shout Out for Global Poker Software

What has sunk in for the New Yorker is the fun time he's had at Global Poker over the last year. Tremz points to the GP software as one of the reasons why he calls the site his online poker home.

“I love the software, it’s super smooth," he added. "Sometimes I watch other streamers playing on other sites that are available to US players and they’re just horrible. A poker site should be aesthetically pleasing and have a good user experience while playing."


Of course, the best experience a player can have is winning lots of cash and the fact that Global Poker is populated mostly with recreational players puts just about everyone on equal footing. The playing field is also leveled by the lack of a HUD-enabled platform at Global Poker, a dream come true for players who are against the use of third-party software.

"I’m a poker purist," Johnny Tremz admitted. "I love not having a HUD-enabled site. If we were sitting at a live poker table I wouldn’t have some computer program in front of me telling me what you’ve done in the last 70 hands."

Eyes on the Prize

So how will the Sunday Scrimmage and Sunday Teaser champion spend his $14,000 in $weeps Cash that took him over 10 hours to win? Tremz stated that he'll likely "pay off some debt or take a vacation." But foremost in his mind is continuing to excel at Global Poker and hopefully adding some celebratory hardware to his mantelpiece at home.

“I played in some of the Eagle Cup events, and made it into the Tournament of Champions, but didn’t win a trophy. I haven’t won a championship trophy yet, but maybe that will be my goal for the Grizzly Games - the next series coming up - to get as many of the trophies as I can.”

Social Poker and Cash Prizes

In addition to exciting MTT action, Global Poker hosts ring games and Sit & Go’s 24/7. A social poker room built on an exclusive sweepstakes model, players can play at Global Poker's free-play Gold Coin tables or for real money on the $weeps Cash tables.

Exciting prizes and giveaways are on the Global Poker schedule this Christmas season. Players are invited to sign up at and to take advantage of the promos being offered.


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