CoinPoker Sets New Standard on Fairness with Transparent RNG

The industrys leading cryptocurrency poker room, CoinPoker, took a huge step forward by introducing software that permits players to take part in the card shuffling process and to verify that all poker hands dealt are random and fair.

By: Charles Rettmuller

Many online poker players have long been skeptical of the random number generators used at poker sites. Truth be told, there has never been any way to prove or disprove whether the RNGs were, in fact, random.

That is, until now.

The new decentralized card shuffler at CoinPoker employs one-way cryptographic hash functions involving encrypted input from all the players seated at the table. The result is complete transparency and the ability to determine the fairness of each hand played.

"Each user's computer becomes an active participant in the shuffling process, contributing to the randomness and then verifying computationally that their contribution was used by the server," explained Mike Segal, a CoinPoker advisor and an expert in cryptography.

Another attribute in addition to the rollout of the random shuffling source code is a "Hand Hindsight" feature that allows players to view the cards that remained in the deck and were never dealt in any given hand. That's another first for the online poker industry, further solidifying CoinPoker's role as being on the cutting edge of technology as it relates to the melding of cryptocurrencies and online poker.

Bug Bounty

To prove the validity of the new card shuffling software, CoinPoker has invited cryptography enthusiasts and software experts to attempt to find discrepancies or bugs in the transparent shuffling process. Anyone who can locate inconsistencies will receive 1,000,000 CHP tokens as a "bug bounty."

The team at CoinPoker hope that other sites within the industry eventually adopt the same innovative and transparent approach with regard to card shuffling algorithms and fairness. Site operators that would like more information or to follow CoinPoker's lead are welcome to contact the team at


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