Big Names Twitching to Get at ACR’s Big Money Sundays

ACRs lucrative Sunday schedule has become the go-to option for a host of well-known players and poker streamers recently, and this weekends action saw more than $700,000 handed out among the big five tournaments…

By: Andrew Burnett

The biggest name to walk off with a chunk of cash was ali23imsirovic, a $22,800 runner-up spot in the $109 buy-in, $200k guaranteed WarmUp 8-max – aptly-named as the young highstakes live crusher gets ready for a tilt at the Super High Roller Bowl this week.

Anyone who follows social media, and its livestreaming counterpart TwitchTV will know the name Rschoonbaert, but he’s a relative newbie to the big ACR games, explaining: “This is my first time properly checking out their games. I had no idea they had so many big events so it may well become a main site for me”.

This sounds like a win-win decision for both player and site, and although he missed out on yesterday big-money online - stating: “Sorry about that I was busy coming 2nd in a local $1K live tournament for $17,000 - Ryan promises, “I will be back for next Sunday's schedule 100%!”

There are plenty of other TwitchTV streamers and players plying their trade on ACR, Brian Fite - aka bfizz11 - being one of them, and revelling in an early start to the Sunday grind.

The experienced and successful coach preaches the mantra ‘Stop being scared to lose and be excited to win’ and says “the ACR $109 is a must-play for me”, and he starts his Sunday grind “suuuuper early!”

The $215 on ACR is also hugely popular, and although a little late for the early-riser, Brian says “I’m anxious to play it 4 weeks in a row and see how I feel after”.

Last Sunday’s $215 saw the $50k guarantee exceeded, Nonnit1 topping the 277 player field and walking off with a cool $11k+ for his troubles, but the real big money went to ‘Im_Just_A_Nit’ – scoring $52,650 in the 234-player $1050 tournament, the first six players taking 5-figure paychecks for their excellent deep runs.

Having made “several deepish runs in the $109, but nothing significant”, Brian will be looking to get that big maiden win in the $109 in the near-future, revealing: “I recently took 2nd in the $88 MOSS Main event 300k GTD for $35.5k but have won lots of tourneys on the site and have cashed for about $65k total”

Someone else whose winnings were in that ballpark was MRbubbleso0O, the cute-named ACR man scooping the $28,800 first prize in last weekend’s $150k GTD Sunday Special, ahead of Donate2Me ($17,850) and Don Sirloin ($12,375)

It’s not hard to find raving reviews of the ACR schedule, the $multi-million winning pro ‘IfHeDiesHeDies’ stating “the $109 and $215 duo are definitely must play games”, himself taking down the Sunday Special twice, with 3 runner-up finishes on his resume.

Fellow pro HarrisBurdick can boast of a $12,392 payday in this year’s Boss #11 event, the wide range of ACR series’ proving massively popular among US poker players, but he also scooped the PLO Sunday Special a couple of months back, another $9k in the kitty.

ACR, as they have done since 2001, have to ensure they continue to offer attractive tournaments, and just this week a new schedule was released that also adds cryptocurrency into the mix – BitCoin et al allowing players extra ways to pay for their Sunday on the tables, and hopefully win of course…


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