Paul Michaelis Wins EPT Prague Main Event for €840,000

Germanys Paul Michaelis will be celebrating after taking down the EPT Prague Main Event for a massive €840,000, getting the best end of a 3-way deal, adding another chunk on by emerging victorious at the end of six days of play – and taking a bonus of a $30,000 Platinum Pass as well!

By: Andrew Burnett

Almost 300 re-entries boosted the final numbers to 1174, a prizepool of €5,693,900 to be divided up among the top 175 finishers, but the final day’s play had whittled those cashers down to just six.

The half-dozen were a disparate bunch, including Canadian pro and streamer Parker ‘tonkaaaa’ Talbot, as well as a trio of Eastern Europeans, with Michaelis and Portugal’s Carlos Branco rounding out the sextet.

Talbot was first to go, followed by Branco and Laurynas Levinskas, and it was time to talk deal, the remaining three agreeing that Michaelis would be assured €770,000, with Alexandr Merzhvinskii taking €631,500 and shortest-stacked Artem Kobylynskyi receiving a still massive €571,910.

€70,000 was set aside for the eventual winner, who would also get the coveted Platinum Pass worth $30,000, and once Merzhvinskii saw his ace outkicked, then his kicker outpaired on the flop, it was heads-up for the title.

The finale was a cooler for the Ukrainian, his pocket 10’s running into jacks for his tournament life, and when the board didn’t help it was Michaelis lifting the trophy aloft.

"It feels pretty unreal," said Michaelis afterwards. "It's an unreal amount of money. Obviously due to swaps and backing, I only get to take a portion of this but it's still an unreal amount of money."

Final results:

1 Paul Michaelis €840,000
2 Artem Kobylynskyi €571,910
3 Alexandr Merzhvinskii €631,500
4 Laurynas Levinskas €316,000
5 Carlos Branco €242,560
6 Parker Talbot €179,360



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