Matt Berkey Pulls Off $45K River Bluff in Million Dollar Cash Game

Exciting action at the Million Dollar Cash Game at Live at the Bike was punctuated by Matt Berkey and his $45,700 river bluff that saw Nick Vertucci fold the winning hand.

By: Charles Rettmuller

Berkey was sitting on a $64,200 stack in the $100/$200 + $200 BB Ante cash game and led with an $800 bet holding J-7 suited in spades from UTG+1, prompting a smallish ($2,000) three-bet from Vertucci and his pocket aces.

An 8-9-9 rainbow flop with one spade saw Berkey check and Vertucci c-bet $1,600. Undeterred, Berkey check-raised to $6,500 and got a call from Vertucci.

The turn of 6d gave Berkey an open-ended straight draw and he promptly bet $10K. Vertucci made another call, likely still wondering if Berkey had the set of 9s that he was representing.

Watch how the hand played out below when the king of clubs lands on fifth street and Berkey shoves his stack of $45,700. Well done, Matt!


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