ACR’s Latest Big Signing Thomas Cannuli Reveals All

It is official! Thomas Cannuli is our newest poker pro! announced Americas Cardroom last week, and HighStakesDB caught up with the rising star to find out just what makes the former November Niner tick, and why he believes ACR is THE place to play.

By: Andrew Burnett

ACR’s ‘No Rathole’ tables, why travel doesn’t really excite him, how much his family means to him and the future of online poker are all up for discussion as Thomas ‘blowdeeznuts’ Cannuli reveals al in an exclusive interview.

Q: Many people in the poker community will remember you from your 6th place finish in the WSOP Main Event in 2015. How do you find the drive to still improve when you have such a big score?

If anything, it gave me more drive. Getting that deep in a major tournament made me realize that I could do it and motivated me to go after more.

Q: Why did you choose ACR and why did they choose you?!

I started playing the $50/$100 7-Day No Rathole Table on the site regularly and then I ended up meeting up with their CEO Phil Nagy at their Live Cage Event (in Costa Rica). I love the $50/$100 game on the site, and it’s a game that I can really get behind promoting, so it just ended up a good fit.

Q: What’s the hardest part of mixing live and online play for a pro?

Playing online is harder, it’s tougher to put players on ranges whereas live play is generally still softer.

Q: You played the $50k SHR this year in Vegas. How daunting was that? Is it something you’d like to do regularly?

I’m going to play that tournament every year from now on. It was a big deal to me that it was the first tournament with a buy-in of that size, but I seem to do better in the tougher fields.

I just seem to do better in the bigger buy-in/short field tournaments.  For example, on ACR I’ve had way more success in their $530 buy-in High Roller Tournaments versus some of their $109s.

Q: We haven’t really seen you outside of the USA. Why is that and what would tempt you to travel abroad to play (not including Costa Rica!)?

It just doesn’t intrigue me to travel the world to play poker. I’m primarily a cash game player so if I can find good action close to home, I’m not that interested in traveling.

Q: You started playing online at a very early age. What have been the biggest changes you’ve seen in online poker over the years?

Play has gotten harder but ACR has got me excited about poker again. The games here are splashier than on other sites, players try to bluff on ACR. On other sites it seems like they always have it.

Q: You’ve always said you play for the love of the game rather than purely for money. Has that feeling changed as you grow older?

It’s changed 100%. I’ve loved, and I still do love the game, but cash is king baby.

Q: What’s the first thing you think about doing when you have a huge score?

I like to be there and look out for those who support me, my girlfriend and family.

Q: Do you ever see the online poker market becoming one big global phenomenon again? If so/not, where will ACR’s place in that be, and your own place.

I don’t think so. I think online poker can’t go back to what it was, because everyone has gotten so good at the game.  ACR’s done a good job of creating new games to keep things exciting.

The $50/$100 No Rathole Table is becoming a phenomenon. In this game you have the potential to make $500k in a week or two, not necessarily because the level of play is weak but more because of the game type.

Q: What does the perfect balance between online play, live play and general life look like?

I’m still trying to find the perfect formula for that and it continues to be a work in progress. I’m trying to focus on being present for the people I care about when I’m not playing poker.

Q: If you could choose one poker player to play for your life for you, who would it be? Answer for a) live and b) online.

a) What a sick question, play for my life? I would have my friend Margie play for me online, solid game. b) I think for live play I would have to say Brendan O’Neal.

Q: What can ACR fans expect from you as a sponsored pro/ambassador?

I signed with ACR because I believed in the games they had to offer, particularly the 7 Day No Rathole tables which I’ve mentioned before. I think these games are legitimate and incredible.

You can always expect me to tell it like it is and not give false advertising. If the games weren’t good, I wouldn’t say they were. You can count on me to tell it like it is.

Q: If you could only play one online tournament a week – which one would you choose?

The $1,000,000 GTD Weekly Venom! It’s not on the schedule right now but I’m hoping that ACR puts it back on.

So there you have it – an inside look at how Thomas Cannuli views life and the poker world. Here’s hoping the partnership with ACR will see Cannuli go on to even greater achievements in the poker world.


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