Epic Double Bust Out in Triton HKD$1Million Short Deck Tournament

Kenneth Kee knocked out a pair of players at once to reach the final three of the HKD$1Million Short Deck Triton event at Jeju. The Singaporean native sent home both Nikita Badziakouski and Peter Jetten in an incredible Aces Vs Kings Vs Queens three-way all-in showdown.

By: Mark Patrickson

Being at the sharp end of the tournament, all eyes were on the three players with $28.5 million worth of live tournament winnings behind them.

Kee opened the hand by limping to trap with his pocket rockets, with Badziakouski thinking for a while whether or not to follow suit. In the end he raised it up for almost half his stack with kings - kind of giving the game away, possibly. Why didn’t he jam?

Then Jetten’s eyes light up as he sees so much dead money in the pot while he’s staring at queens!

Obviously he jams, and Kee and Badziakouski both make the trivial calls, while the commentators are still stunned to see such a rare situation. Even online players who play millions of hands each year very rarely see such an all-in confrontation.

Watch the video below to see the scary run out that Kee faced.


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