Mikita Badziakouski Makes Incredible Call for His Tournament Life in Triton HKD$2Million

Belarusian high-stakes tournament legend Mikita Badziakouski was put to the best in a tough blind versus blind situation, and passed with flying colours. Malaysian Wai Leong Chan correctly read Badziakouski as not being so strong and decided to apply maximum pressure with nothing but air and no redraw.

By: Mark Patrickson

Badziakouski completes in the small blind with AhQh and Chan checks his option with Qd7h.

The flop rolls out 8s As 2c and Badzikouski bets 60,000 into a pot of 180,000. Chan seeing only a complete and ⅓ pot bet doesn’t suspect that he’s up against top pair here and makes the light float with a plan for later in the hand.

The turn is the 4d. Badziakouski sniffs some value here and now bets 175,000 into the 300,000 pot. Chan doesn’t buy it and now raises to 525,000. With a fluish draw and some gut shots still out there Badziakouski makes the call.

The river is the 8d. Now, instead of putting his opponent all-in Chan makes a scary 200,000 bet into a 1,350,000 pot, and Badziakouski starts to sweat. After using all of his timebank tokens he seemingly looks to be on the verge of folding but finally, during the final seconds before his hand is dead, he makes the call.


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