The Poker Player Who Should Have Quit in 2011

Knowing when to get up and walk away from the table is often key to being successful at poker, and it is a part of the game that many players struggle with.

By: Charles Rettmuller

Pros and novices alike have been known to continue playing when stepping away and taking a breather would have likely been the more prudent decision. Whether chasing losses or enjoying an incredible winning run, most of us have said to ourselves at one time or another that we should have quit while we were ahead or, while on a disastrous losing streak, should have stopped the bleeding.

But poker keeps calling us back, the thrill and elation of winning trumping the losing sessions that are all too familiar.

One player who would have benefited from knowing when to quit is Gavin "gavz101" Cochrane, whose poker graph at PokerStars tells quite the story. Way back in 2011, gavz101 enjoyed a meteoric rise in profits, winning $1.9 million in high stakes action in a short period of time.

Duels with "Isildur1" at the PLO tables had railbirds glued to their seats, including one session at $100/$200 that saw Cochrane book $600,000 in winnings.

But the tables turned on the English pro. One year after hitting a high of $1,900,000 to the good, gavz101 lost more than $1.4 million of it back to his high stakes opponents.

Cochrane did manage to step away from the PokerStars high stakes cash game tables for a couple years. An eventual return has seen him add over $200,000 in winnings to his bankroll. That's still a long way off from the glory days of 2011 when he was nearing $2 million in profits.


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