Tan Xuan Soul Reads Peter Jetten

Chinese high-stakes player Tan Xuan stunned the audience and commentators with an incredible lay down of trips to a turn raise. Lex Veldhuis told the viewers how he could not believe what he was seeing.

By: Mark Patrickson

Peter Jetten starts off the hand with a standard raise from the HJ with 4s4h, Gabe Patgorski calls with KhQd  and Tan Xuan follows along with Ts from the BB, but we can’t see his other card.

It’s worth noting at this point that Xuan had just lost a big pot after a check raise jam on the turn with a flush and straight combo draw. His opponent snapped him off with top two and it held. Would Xuan be steaming a little bit, or could he keep his emotions in check?

The flop comes down 4c6sTs and Xuan checks. Jetten bets his set for 80,000 into a pot of 36,000 and Patgorski folds his air. Xuan doesn’t seem perturbed with the overbet and makes the call.

The turn is Th and Xuan leads 33,000 into the 196,000 pot. Jetten now raises, but only to 120,000, and Xuan sinks into thought.

Incredibly, when the timebank buzzer sounds he lays down his trips with no hint that it was a pained decision.


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