Negreanu and Galfond Lose $1.2million in a Day

It is more than most people – poker players included – will even earn in a lifetime, and both Phil Galfond and Daniel Negreanu managed to lose it in a single days play - $1.2 million!

By: Andrew Burnett

In fact Negreanu thinks he may even have the edge on Galfond in losses, replying: “This is exactly the same as my number. Actually may have been closer to 1.3 back in the Sammy Farha days” – although KidPoker didn’t lose every hand of course!

The majority of replies were more in your writer’s ballpark when it comes to big losses – anywhere from a few hundred bucks to a few thousand – but surprisingly Galfond managed to get to sleep after taking the massive hit.

“Shower, a lot of shaking my head, then sleep”, he explained, adding: “I’ve actually had a few sessions near the -1.1m mark but the 1.2m loss was by far the most difficult for me because I’d practiced some very iffy game selection. Usually I’m in ok shape after losses”.

There have been bigger single day losses of course, this year seeing Aussie Matt Kirk spew $3.7million in a single session of the partypoker Big Game – with another $1million handed over to the likes of casino bosses Leon Tsoukernik and Rob Yong during the week’s nosebleed PLO action.

Reddit user ‘pocketaces’ put a couple of highlight (or lowlight) reels together of Kirk’s horror story on YouTube

Now all we are waiting for is how much their biggest single day wins were!


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