2 Years $2.4 Million for Jay ‘Pr1nnyraid’ Rosenkrantz

Some of you will recall the reality TV show 2 Months $2 Million – 2M2MM – which pitted four young online poker bucks against the world in an attempt to make $2 million in just two months while enjoying the hedonistic lifestyle of Las Vegas.

By: Andrew Burnett

What you may not remember, however, is that Jason ‘Pr1nnyraid’ Rosenkrantz was the man behind the show’s idea – and he had just bagged almost $2.5million in the previous two years himself playing highstakes online cash games!

One of the ‘Rounders’ generation of new and fearless young pros, Jason ‘pr1nnyraid’ Rosenkrantz swapped underage $5/10 Atlantic City casino cash games for the online felt, and once he had found his feet the results were staggering…

Fast and loose was the order of the day a decade ago, and ‘Krantz’ was somehow able to stack opponents again and again as he built a bankroll that was the envy of many…

Rosenkrantz wasn’t just content with playing poker, however, starting up one of the most successful training sites the poker community has seen – DeucesCracked – naming his ‘pr1nnyraiding series with WiltOnTilt, considered by many to be must-watch content for the aspiring heads-up no limit hold’em player’.

The branching off into coaching started in late 2007, and it looked as though 2008 was going to be just as good on the felt as the previous year, before a late summer downturn brought his profit back to a more modest level…

As a student of Film and TV at Boston University, during which time poker got its hooks on him, a move into bringing poker to the masses was a natural one – starting with the 2M2MM mentioned above…

…and latterly including the excellent documentary ‘BET RAISE FOLD: The Story of Online Poker’, focusing on the Internet poker boom of the mid-2000s that was kicked off –or at least given a massive boost – by Chris Moneymaker’s famous WSOP Main Event satellite to champion run

Throw in ‘From Busto to Robusto’ and animated poker-comedy series ‘The Micros’ and it’s clear that Jay Rosenkrantz’s amazing online run over two years wasn’t his only claim to fame.

Black Friday changed his focus, however, and while countless other grinders moved elsewhere to continue playing, Rosenkrantz stated: ‘I remained in the country to pursue my passion for filmmaking and storytelling’.


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