Unregulated Sites PPPoker and 5Dimes in $100k+ Poker Scams

Last week has seen unregulated poker sites hitting the headlines for all the wrong – and usual – reasons, failing to pay players at least $60k in poker winnings and in one case denying a player his $53,000 Bad Beat Jackpot.

By: Andrew Burnett

First up, as Chase Bianchi points out in his tweet above, the PPPoker Instagram app run by convicted felon Adnan ‘NYPokerKing’ Mohamad has been front and centre of the scamming news.

The shady poker room works essentially as a Ponzi Scheme, whereby players winnings are paid (if they are paid at all) from the deposits made by new or existing players.

A lengthy thread on the 2+2 forum offers the following cliff notes on the situation: ‘TLDR: NYPK's poker room not paying players. One player owed $40,000+, another owed ~$20,000. Communication now stalled/cut off. Signs of insolvency and player funds not segregated.’

Multiple other posters have added their accounts of the scummy approach taken by Adnan ‘NYPokerKing’ Mohammad, a man who was convicted of grand larceny in 2012 and sentenced to 5 years’ probation, 50 hours' community service and $23,700 in restitution.

Since the allegations were brought to light – not the first time he has been accused of scamming poker players – Mohammad has basically accused the players who are owed $tens of thousands of cheating, a claim since refuted even by many of the two players’ opponents.

In another case shared on the 2+2 forum, poster pablo22 has claimed that the 5dimes sportsbook and poker site has denied him a $53k BBJ, claiming that because he started on the site via a freeroll he isn’t entitled to the prize.

This despite ‘Pablo’ using his freerolls winnings to go on to play real money cash games, paying around $2k in rake over the 3 years he has been on the site.

As Pablo recounts of his jackpot, “Last Friday I was playing a NL25 badbeat jackpot table, and the unthinkable happened. My quad eights were rivered by a straight flush. I was in shock as I am a working stiff and this [$53,000] is more money than I make in a year.”

His joy turned to disbelief as he was later repeatedly told by 5Dimes staff that because he hadn’t deposited he was ineligible for the payout – something which wasn’t in the site’s T&C’s until as recently as this year.

If the name 5Dimes sounds familiar to many, it’s likely because owner and founder William Sean Creighton, aka 5dimesTony, was allegedly kidnapped and feared murdered in Costa Rica back in October.

Doubtless the recent sad tales of unregulated sites scamming poker players will be repeated over and over – although hopefully airing such scams will go some way to limiting poker players’ vulnerability to the worst of them.


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