Bubble Bursts in the Bahamas as PSPC Reaches the Money

A blistering day of action in the Bahamas saw the money stages reached in the PokerStars Players Championship (PSPC) with a brutal cooler finally busting the bubble as Irish player Paul Leckey saw his kings run in to aces…

By: Andrew Burnett

With a consolation prize of an EPT Monte Carlo package to soften the disappointment at missing out on a chunk of the $26,455,500, Leckey took his cooler like a true gent…

A total of 181 players would min. cash, including 10 Platinum Pass winners, but some big names would soon bust out of the race to the $5.1million first prize, including Bill Perkins, Matt Affleck, Dan Shak and the remarkable trio of Greenwood brothers.

Sam, Luc and Max all made the money, with Max – who came out of retirement to play – explaining his reasons to PokerNews’ Valerie Cross: “Well they added $1 million to first and it was rake-free and in the Bahamas, so I decided to come play.”

The payouts were starting to get very serious – and there will be six $million+ cashes when the final table is reached – and day one and day two chip leaders, Talal ‘Raidalot’ Shakerchi and Farid Jattin, were still in there battling away.

The biggest name – in a number of ways – at the top end of the chip counts was that of Mikita Badziakouski. The highstakes crusher from Belarus was also the recipient of a Platinum Pass, although his lifetime earnings of over $20million would suggest he didn’t really need the freebie!

End of day 3 Chip counts

Scott Baumstein 4,240,000
Yiannis Liperis 4,210,000
Julien Martini 3,250,000
Louis Boutin 3,040,000
Ramon Colillas 2,895,000
Luigi Knoppers 2,715,000
Jack O'Neill 2,525,000
Jason Koonce 2,235,000
Luke Marsh 2,065,000
Marc Perrault 1,935,000



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