Ramon Collilas Takes Down PSPC for $5.1million

Ramon Collilas took his gratefully–received $30k PokerStars Platinum Pass and ran his freeroll of a lifetime up to a staggering $5.1million victory at the PokerStars Players Championship in the Caribbean last night…

By: Andrew Burnett

The 30-year old Spaniard from Barcelona was one of 320 players in the 1000+ field who were there courtesy of the year-long PokerStars Platinum Pass promotion, and the former fitness trainer made the most of his big chance.

Eight players had returned to the Atlantis Resort poker room to battle out the final table of the biggest $25k event in the history of the game, and with $15.5million or so on the line there was plenty of nerves on show, though Collils has his girlfriend, Nesrin, on the rail to keep him focused.

Talal Shakerchi was the first to bust, a bad beat for the ages when his aces were cracked by runner-runner flush to send him packing. Day two chip leader Farid Jattin followed him out the door when he was dominated in a big ace confrontation by Julien Martini.

Marc Perrault was the first of the $million men, sixth spot and a 7-figure payday a great achievement for the Canadian – more than doubling his lifetime winnings, and Jason Koonce – not highstakes crusher Jason Koon as some Twitter users believed – took 5th with the bustouts continuing as Scott Baumstein (not Blumstein!) fell in 4th after Collilas flopped a second king.

Down to three – and with two Platinum Pass winners among the trio – there was a huge story in the making.

Basketball-loving family man Marc Rivera was the other contender on a freeroll, the Filipino’s APPT Manila National Main Event victory securing his seat in the Bahamas.

His amazing story ended with 3rd place and $2,168,000 when he couldn’t overcome Martini’s big slick when all-in holding ace-three, but he’ll return to the Philippines a wealthy and happy man nonetheless.

Heads-up and one remarkable hand blew a hole in 26-year old Frenchman Julien Martinis dreams of victory – a seemingly insignificant river card costing him 65% of his stack…

…after which he could find no way back. Collilas sealed the win of a lifetime a short time later, Nesrin the first to congratulate her $5.1million man!

Final results:

1 Ramon Colillas $5,100,000
2 Julien Martini $2,974,000
3 Marc Rivera $2,168,000
4 Scott Baumstein $1,657,000
5 Jason Koonce $1,304,000
6 Marc Perrault $1,012,000
7 Farid Jattin $746,000
8 Talal Shakerchi $509,000



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