Interview with Bryan 'BParis' Paris

When Bryan BParis Paris crossed the $10million milestone for online MTT cashes almost exactly 2 years ago it was just reward for more than a decade of dedication to online poker.

HighstakesDB caught up with the engaging online poker pro to find out what has made him so successful, how he survived Black Friday and the Full Tilt fallout, which sites he loves to play on and much more besides… enjoy this in-depth exclusive interview!

Q: So Bryan where do we begin! Can you give us a brief sentence on who you are and your poker history for any of our readers who don't yet know you?

I've been playing online MTTs full time since graduating from college in 2007, which makes me one of the few survivors who's been doing it full time for that long. I've seen the highs and lows of the industry, from the boom years to Black Friday to the present era. I started twitch streaming in 2016 to reach a wider audience right before becoming the second player to hit $10 million in online cashes, after Chris Moorman.

Q: I was just about to mention you being the $10Million man for online cashes but just noticed this is a distant memory as you have now hit $11.5M. How good does that feel? What's the end goal?

It's nice to have a big number to point to. Now that I hit that big round $10m mark, I haven't been paying as much attention to it, but it felt great to only be the second person to accomplish that. Since then, a few others have passed me, so I don't think I have a great shot at ever becoming #1, but it's still nice to keep padding that stat.

Q: You have seen it all and witnessed all the ups and downs of the online poker industry. What's been your single worst memory along the way? and what's been your best?

My single worst memory was not actually Black Friday itself, but the day Full Tilt shut down to the rest of the world. I still had a ton of money locked up on the site and planned on relocating my account to a different country after the WSOP.

Having the site shut down completely in the middle of what had been a rocky WSOP for me was definitely the worst single moment of my career, I thought all that money was completely gone. Fortunately I got it back in the end.

My best memory was my first major win, beating Shaun Deeb headsup in the FTP sunday brawl for about $90k in 2009. I knew he didn't respect my game much from reading the 2+2 forums - to be fair, I was pretty bad back then - and he laughed off my offer of an even chop hu when I had a 3.2m to 2.8m lead. About 15 minutes later, I emerged victorious for my biggest score by about a factor of 3x at the time.

Q: What's your biggest score? How did that feel?

My biggest score is $111k in a 1k WCOOP, I've had several scores of right around that size but haven't really broken through that barrier. It felt good, but not as good as the first brawl win. When I do get that true breakthrough score, I imagine it will feel very good indeed.

Q: Was there a win/tournament/time where you knew this was the life for you and you would be such a huge success one day?

I always knew I wanted to be a poker pro, but the time that really showed me the extent of my potential was the first four months of 2011, right before Black Friday. I'd always had solid results, but during that stretch while FTP was running all their double and triple guarantee weeks, I went nuts, making something like $300k profit in the first 3.5 months of the year. This made Black Friday doubly devastating, but I had the very strong resolve to relocate and continue playing due to how well I'd been doing around that time.

Q: partypoker are seriously trying to knock Stars off their perch. Have you moved a lot of your play there? What would it take to get you off Stars completely?

I have been moving a lot of my play off Stars in general, since their rakeback is downright insulting. It's difficult to divest from the site entirely if you want to be a top MTT pro, but you can certainly move a lot of the marginal volume to sites that actually value their players.

partypoker has certainly been making big moves, but they're not alone - notably, the GG network (which includes Natural8) is giving away $100k a month for their TLB each month, along with 50% rakeback. With deals like this out there, there's really no reason to give PokerStars more business than you have to.

Q: What are your top 5 poker sites to play on?

Natural8, ACR, partypoker, 888, HighStakes.

Q: You started a Twitch stream which is proving to be really successful. What made you do this and will this continue?

I started doing Twitch right before the birth of our first child, Alexander, in July of 2016. I had a few goals in mind starting the stream. I wanted to raise my profile, as many people hadn't heard of me despite my online track record. I also wanted to establish some extra passive income to help make the transition to fatherhood more smooth.

My primary vision for the stream, however, was to bring back the online poker experience to some of my old friends back in the states who aren't able to full time grind anymore. The time zone difference has made that aspect difficult at times, but I do see lots of old friends in there, and they can always catch the action on my YouTube channel if the times don't work out.

Q: What are the 5 tournaments each week that you really look forward to playing?

ACR warmup has to be the top one for me, with three final tables and a win last year despite it only being once a week.

The big 109 on Stars is another one I very much look forward to, as I actually managed to outright win that one on back to back streams in July of last year. Others include the daily 88 main event on Natural8, the Sunday mega deep on 888, and I'm also liking the big game satellites on partypoker.

Q: Any advice for someone wanting to become an online MTT pro?

The best advice I can give anyone looking to break into online MTTs is that it's very difficult to overestimate how much bankroll you need. The swings in MTTs, especially big field ones, are truly absurd, so make sure you have a large buffer to withstand short term variance. It's also prudent to wait longer than you think to move up in stakes.

Another thing that is essential in this era is to join a study group, or sign up for some coaching sites, and spend close to as much time studying as you do playing. The game has evolved a lot over the years and it's essential to be on top of the learning curve.

Q: Who are the best online players right now?

As far as online, I think the Swedes are on top of the game right now, lena9000, cdarwin, that group. Girafganger is also very impressive. There's a lot of live heroes who still get online to play the big series, but these are the most impressive full-time online guys these days.

So, one of the most successful online tournament players in the world for a decade and still going strong!

You can check out Bryan’s TwitchTV streams at and his excellent YouTube offerings at


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