Bryn Kenney Lifts Aussie Millions Main Event Title and $923,269

Bryn Kenney has emerged as the Aussie Millions Main Event champion after a 3-way deal was struck securing him the title and $923,269 (AU$1,272,598) – runner-up Mike Del Vecchio taking 2nd with just a few $$ less ($922,953/AU$1,272,162) and 3rd placed Andrew Hinrichsen receiving a career-best cash of $796,410 (AU$1,097,739).

By: Andrew Burnett

The finale came after 5 days of tough competition, the original field of 822 entries whittled down to a final table of seven at the Crown Casino in Melbourne today – with chip leader Mike Del Vecchio making it back-to-back deep runs after his 5th spot in last year’s Main Event.

Massive paydays...

With as much as US$1,342,175 (AU$1,850,000) potentially up top for the winner, and $175k (AU$242,000) already sewn up, it would be life-changing money for several of those left, Aussie Clinton Taylor and South Korea’s Gyeong Byeong Lee showing little or no previous at this level with regards to prior live scores.

Hamish Crawshaw would be first to bow out, however, followed by Lee, with Taylor outlasting fellow Australian Matthew Wakeman to secure an excellent 4th spot.

...and massive hands

This left the trio of Kenney, Del Vecchio and Hinrichsen to fight for top honours – and the US pro found a much-needed double up in a remarkable hand. Turning quads, Del Vecchio’s luck was further in as Hinrichsen rivered the nut straight – a huge cooler for the Aussie at such a late stage in the tournament.

Done deal

Despite this, 107 hands later the threesome were no closer to settling the Main Event trophy’s destination, the players as exhausted as the Aussie Millions crew themselves it would seem…

As the live reports explained: ‘The remaining three players have returned from the break and asked tournament director Joel Williams to look into ICM deal numbers. After a few minutes, they shook hands and Bryn Kenney emerged as the champion despite having two big blinds fewer than Mike Del Vecchio’.

Final results

1 Bryn Kenney 1,272,598 AUD
2 Mike Del Vecchio 1,272,162 AUD
3 Andrew Hinrichsen 1,097,739 AUD
4 Clinton Taylor 483,000 AUD
5 Matthew Wakeman 380,300 AUD
6 Gyeong Byeong Lee 309,000 AUD
7 Hamish Crawshaw 242,000 AUD



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