How Does partypoker’s New Diamond Club Elite VIP Rewards System Stack Up Against The Opposition?

The launch of partypokers new Diamond Club Elite on February 1st bucks the trend of aiming rewards only at recreational players, by offering up to 60% rakeback and some impressive-looking bonuses to their most-active players, but how does the new VIP system stack up against the opposition?

By: Andrew Burnett

First, a quick rundown of the most important points in partypoker’s VIP rewards scheme

partypoker Diamond Club Elite reward scheme

If you rake $200,000 in a 12 month period across any game type from February 1st, 2019 you will receive the following benefits:

  • Up to 60% Cashback
  • Full package to MILLIONS World, The Bahamas (in November 2019 worth over $16k)
  • Entry to MILLIONS Online (in 2019 worth $10,300)
  • Dedicated 24/7 support lines
  • VIP service at MILLIONS events
  • $10,000 Cash reward at $100,000 milestone
  • $20,000 Cash reward $200,000 milestone
  • Plus, the first players to achieve $200,000 in rake in both SPINS games and cash / fastforward games from February 1st will receive 100% rakeback

All pretty straightforward, if unexpected, and it’s quite clear just what players have to do to get their very substantial loyalty rewards for grinding the tables.

It’s clearly a nod to the old PokerStars SuperNovaElite scheme, so let’s remind ourselves what that looked like before the rug was pulled under players’ feet.

PokerStars SNE – back in the day

Once upon a time, SuperNovaElite status was the endgame for all the highest-volume grinders in poker, with cash rewards and rakeback akin to the new partypoker VIP status, as well as similar live and online tickets handed out, VIP store access, etc.

The outcry when PokerStars pulled the scheme midway through 2015 rocked the online poker world – thousands of players losing out on $millions, strikes enacted and some star names resigning in the fallout.

PokerStars Reward scheme now

The site moved over to Stars Rewards in 2017, cutting as much as 85% of their rakeback payments at certain levels, with the highest-volume grinders hardest hit by the new scheme – although they are not alone.

So, to answer the question ‘How much rakeback can I get from PokerStars?’nobody knows, because rakeback as such no longer exists. The Rewards scheme delivers random prizes of points that can be used in the PS store, but you’ll never know in advance what you are going to make from playing a lot on PS.

The bottom line is, not much extra – and nowhere near what partypoker have just put on the table.

888poker VIP Rewards Scheme

The team over at 888poker have a similar model to what PokerStars used to use, and the pinnacle of their VIP program is the Diamond level, which requires 300k in annual points accrued to generate a maximum rakeback of 36%.

Nowhere near as brutal as PokerStars, but still far off the level that partypoker have just launched.

RunItOnce Rakeback plans

This week Phil Galfond revealed the rakeback plans for the RIO site that has been in the development stages this past couple of years – and again it fails to reach partypoker levels by a decent margin.

An egalitarian 51% across the board says Phil, and the rakeback appears in-game as you play, but naturally there are still a lot of unanswered questions about how this will work in practice.

All in all, it’s not a competitor to partypoker’s VIP rewards scheme in any way.

Well, you pick your poison and see how it tastes of course, but for the high-volume, serious poker player who would like a great return for their loyalty and grinding skills, the partypoker Diamond Elite Club is clearly the way to go.

partypoker managing director, Tom Waters, said of the new Elite rakeback scheme: “The opportunity for our players to earn 60% cashback along with a fabulous MILLIONS World package and a seat at MILLIONS Online makes us the clear number one choice for VIP players in the online poker industry."


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