Americas Cardroom Sunday MTT Highlights

The Super Bowl between the New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams did not put a damper on any of the exciting MTTs at Americas Cardroom on Sunday. Guarantees were reached and surpassed in the tournaments that featured the highest stakes.

By: Charles Rettmuller

While the low scoring Super Bowl may have lacked action, the virtual felt at ACR certainly did not. Here's a brief summary of the major tournaments, including the top 5 finishers of each:

$200K GTD

A $214,000 prize pool was created by the 214 entrants who dished out $1,050 to grab a seat in the $200,000 GTD. "Thadlaf" conquered the field to win the top prize of $48,150.

Among the top finishers was "SanityWaterline" who finished in 5th place for the second week in a row in this event.

1 Thadlaf $48,150
2 KGB0569 $28,890
3 burberry2 $22,042
4 SplashyMcgee $16,585
5 SanityWaterline $12,840

$150K GTD

The $150,000 GTD Warm Up 8-Max was taken down by "pokermom218" for first place prize money of $29,421.60. A turnout of 1,794 entrants generated a prize pool of $179,400 on a $100 + $9 buy-in.

1 pokermom218 $29,421.60
2 killthenoise $21,994.44
3 freddy adu $16,504.80
4 Tgun21 $11,930.10
5 souboeimo NTC $8,521.50

$125K GTD

The $200 + $15 buy-in Sunday Special paid 72 places after 643 grinders hit the felt. A heads-up battle between "GrabrByDaGato" and "FrancoPavane1962" went to the former, as did $24,305.40 in prize money.

The runner-up collected $17,811.10 from the prize pool that totaled $128,600. "KGB0569," who finished 2nd in the $200,000 GTD, landed 7th in this tournament for $4,179.50.

1 GrabrByDaGato $24,305.40
2 FrancoPavane1962 $17,811.10
3 SperoMeliora $13,117.20
4 B1TTR4NTX3T3 $9,902.20
5 Doub1eD19 $8.944.40

$50K GTD

The $50,000 GTD High Roller saw 120 entrants vying for $60,000 in prize money after paying the $530 buy-in. Following a 4th place finish in the $200K GTD for $16,585, "SplashyMcgee" was aiming for a title and had only "frittando" in the way heads-up.

But it wasn't meant to be, as frittando earned the win and $13,800. Second place was good for $8,400.

1 frittando $13,800
2 SplashyMcgee $8,400
3 Demerssa $6,300
4 PeDeAnjo7 $4,800
5 angrysanchez $3,600



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