Borgata Forced into Asset Sorting in $10M Case vs Phil Ivey

Finding the assets of Phil Ivey in order to collect on a $10.16 million judgment in the edge sorting case likely has Borgata lawyers in a tizzy.

By: Charles Rettmuller

Ivey apparently squirreled his funds away from the reaches of New Jersey authorities as Borgata could find no assets linked to Phil within the Garden State. It forced Borgata attorneys to seek legal permission to go after Ivey's funds in the state of Nevada, where Phil's been known to have won a poker tournament, or two - or ten.

A New Jersey judge recently granted the request, according to a number of media outlets. The Borgata can now attempt to determine the totality of Phil Ivey's assets in the Silver State.

Ivey's worth was previously estimated by representatives at Borgata to be around $100 million. A condo in Clark County, a house in Mexico, and some business ventures under the umbrella of Phil Ivey Enterprises are allegedly among his assets.

Let's see what the Borgata can actually find in Sin City. But right now, the edge goes to Ivey for holding the collectors at bay.


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