Incredible Poker Hand Leads to $5.1 Million Score for Ramon Colillas

Winning a poker tournament typically requires the cards to fall your way in a key spot or two and no one is more aware of that than PSPC champion Ramon Colillas.

By: Charles Rettmuller

The Spaniard can look to one particular poker hand that shifted the momentum in his direction, eventually resulting in him capturing a much-coveted title and a payday of $5,100,000. A cherry on top of Ramon's victory was the fact that his $25,000 buy-in was a freebie after winning a Platinum Pass.

The hand that turned the tide began during heads-up play with Julien Martini, the latter holding a chip advantage of about 35 million chips to Colillas' 24 million. Martini was dealt the 9-6 of hearts and commenced to raise to 1.25 million after his opponent checked.

Colillas called with Q-5 offsuit, and checked when the flop of A-4-Q appeared, all in hearts. A flopped flush prompted Martini to bet 1 million chips.

A call by Colillas brought the turn - another queen - which gave the Spaniard trips and improved his chances of winning from 3% to 23%. Undaunted with his flush, Martini bet 4.6 million chips after Colillas checked, and the Platinum Pass winner called and waited for the river.

Fifth street produced the 5 of diamonds, exactly what Colillas needed for a full house. He checked again, Martini announced "all-in," and Colillas happily made the call, scooping more than 48 million in chips - and well on his way to winning $5.1 million.

Here's a short clip of the amazing hand, with commentary by Joe Stapleton and Lex Veldhuis.


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