Americas Cardroom High Stakes MTTs Sunday Recap

The first day of Online Super Series Cub3d action began on Sunday, February 10. That's in addition to the regular Sunday lineup of MTTs that produce plenty of exciting poker action on their own.

By: Charles Rettmuller

The OSS Cub3d with $8 million GTD began with the Mini Online Super Series that features low stakes from Feb. 10-17. One event that caught my eye was MOSS #3 with $125,000 GTD.

A $50+5 buy-in was met by 3,896 entrants, catapulting the prize pool to $194,800. At press time, the final table was still being played after more than 11 hours of action, with the top prize of $31,012.16 still up for grabs.

Although MOSS features mini buy-ins, some of the prize pools are rather large!

Big prize pools can also be found at the regular Sunday MTT schedule at ACR. Here's the results of the events with the highest stakes and prize pools.

$200K GTD

The $200,000 guarantee was smashed by $80K when 280 entrants kicked in $1,050 to compete for a $280,000 prize pool that paid out 45 places. The title and $60,200 went to  "Greenboss1."

1 Greenboss1 $60,200
2 one2and3of0 $37,100
3 cforrest1 $26,600
4 carpetfries $20,300
5 PatekP10 $15,400

$150K GTD

A large field also came out for the $100 + $9 buy-in $150,000 GTD Warm Up 8-Max that saw "olelemaiko11" get past "DennisDunaway" heads-up to claim 1st place prize money of $35,593.92. The runner-up took home $26,455.53.

Entrants totaling 2,181 pushed the prize pool up to $218,100. "DunkinDonuts" bubbled the tournament with a 253rd place finish, missing out on a min-cash of $196.29.

1 olelemaiko11 $35,593.92
2 DennisDunaway $26,455.53
3 Gboro2203 $19,738.05
4 guileful_sod $14,329.17
5 Variance99 $10,359.75

$125K GTD

The Sunday Special attracted 759 entrants who each paid a $200 + $15 entry fee for a shot at a piece of the $151,800 prize pool. The lion's share of that total went to "cpt.crunch" whose breakfast cereal on Monday morning will be that much sweeter after pocketing $28,462.50.

Finishing just behind the winner was "TRUMPING_YOU" for a payday of $20,493. The top five finishers are listed below:

1 cpt.crunch $28,462.50
2 TRUMPING_YOU $$20,493
3 THEfaryboy $15,180
4 BabygotBach $11,385
5 jonhf6 $7,969.50

$50K GTD

The $50,000 GTD High Roller was won by "freddy adu" just two minutes after midnite Central Time. The champ earned $16,330 for his efforts, over $6K more than 2nd place finisher "Rc17" ($9,940).

The guarantee was easily surpassed as 142 entrants posted the $500 + $30 buy-in to create prize money of $71,000. Honorable mention goes to "FinalTableBeer" ($781) for landing in the money, his 3rd cash to go along with the $200K GTD ($1,680) and $150K GTD ($3,816.75).

1 freddy adu $16,330
2 Rc17 $$9,940
3 TY4PLAY1NG $7,455
5 Easytilted17 $4,260



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