Bill Perkins & partypoker Join forces on Thirst Lounge Sponsorship

The Thirst Lounge poker and lifestyle channel on Twitch that was founded by Bill Perkins in 2016 has a new official sponsor as partypoker made the wise decision to ally themselves with the hedge fund millionaire.

By: Charles Rettmuller

The Thirst Lounge got its name from the idea that people should live life to the fullest and have a healthy "thirst" for doing the things that they'd like or always wanted to do. Perkins, a high stakes amateur poker player when he's not managing his Skylar Capital hedge fund, is likely the full embodiment of an individual quenching his thirst with all that life has to offer.

“Thanks to partypoker for putting their faith in The Thirst Lounge," Perkins said. “I am thrilled that partypoker is 'thirsty' to come on board and support this exciting venture with us!”

Central to The Thirst Lounge stream is the ability to interact with Perkins, with followers able to toss a few questions his way and learn how to go after and attain whatever may be desired - but seemingly out of reach.

Ten Eclectic Streamers

An extension of the original channel is “The Thirst Lounge 10,” which is made up of a mixed bag of 10 content creators who are all passionate about streaming and living a lifestyle that represents what The Thirst Lounge is all about.

Among the 10 are Kelly Minkin, the last woman standing at two WSOP Main Events; Cat Valdes, a popular YouTuber whose videos have been viewed by tens of millions; and Justin Kelly, the host of poker shows such as “Stones LIVE” and “The Cage.”

“We work with a fun, outgoing group," Perkins added. "It will be a pleasure to watch them grow and develop The Thirst Lounge as well as their own brands."

More Announcements Coming from partypoker

Each streamer brings a different perspective to The Thirst Lounge, making each show unique and engaging, pulling in viewers from far and wide. That demographic range will likely be expanded considerably with partypoker climbing aboard, taking on partnership duties that are part of an even bigger Twitch streaming strategy that will be fully revealed in due course.

partypoker's increased presence in the world of Twitch streaming comes at a time when their main competitor, PokerStars, is losing its grip on top dog status in terms of Twitch sponsorships. The poker room recently parted ways with popular streamers Jeff Gross and Jaime Staples, leading to plenty of speculation with regard to who might be waiting in the wings to sign the duo.


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