Stephen Chidwick Takes Down First Event of US Poker Open For $216,000

British high-stakes star Stephen Chidwick has bested his opponents to take down the first tournament of this year’s US Poker Open. The 29-year-old has won three out of nine events in this series already so far.

By: Mark Patrickson

Chidwick beat 89 rivals to win $216,000 and was relieved to be carrying on his good fortune from the previous 12 months.

“I kept running as I did last year, this is my favorite place to play in the world by far, and I came in focused and ready to play my best.”

Fellow American Joseph Cheong started the final table as the man in the lead but was soon falling behind after scoring the first knockout. Chidwick then won a big hand and was into a lead that would never disappear.

Cheong and Sean Winter later both managed to double up through Chidwick to challenge once more but the result was never in doubt, it seemed. Cheong was soon gone and Winter was cursing his luck after a turn that gave him a set, and Chidwick a gut-shot straight draw,led to all the money going in with the Englishman hitting gin on the river.

Not the biggest cash for Chidwick, but it added nicely to  the $21million already on his record.

Final results

1 Stephen Chidwick $216,000
2 Sean Winter $157,500
3 Joseph Cheong $112,500
4 Joseph Cappello $90,000
5 Lazaro Hernandez $72,000
6 Joseph Orsino $54,000



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