Phil Hellmuth Down $100,000 in Aria Cash Game

Phil Hellmuth has posted his worst result for almost three years. The American lost almost $100K in a 100/200 NL hold’em game and in typical fashion couldn’t wait to tell everyone how unlucky he was.

By: Mark Patrickson

"Lost $95,000 in a $100-$200 NoLimHold’em game tonight. Def my worst loss (loss over blinds 95,000/200) since May, 2016. Sadly, I can remember almost every hand and it’s depressing me! #RoughNight"

It wasn’t all doom and gloom though. Hellmuth posed for a couple of snaps with famous basketball player Draymond Green who apparently posted a win. We didn’t even know that the Golden State Warriors power forward was a poker fan, let alone rubbed shoulders with the elite in a $100/200 game.


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"Was feeling a little bit tortured the last few hours... but getting my gratefulness back. Hate losing."

Hellmuth later went on to do a little showing off with his swanky suite at the Aria. The famous “037” rooms are known for their great view of the bright lights overlooking Las Vegas. He might be down $100K, but Hellmuth just can’t resist showing us a little narcissism about how he lives.


The “037” “wrap around” suites @AriaLV #PHNiceLife #POSITIVITY LOVE this hotel ❤️❤️

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