Interview With Phillipp Gruissem

German high stakes legend Phillipp philbort Gruissem may have almost $12million to his name in tournament winnings over the past 10 years, but it’s what he does with that money that has set him apart from many in the poker world.

By: Andrew Burnett

HighStakesDB quizzed the altruistic partypoker pro on what the modern game holds for him, where he sees the future of the game heading – and what games he’d focus on if he were starting out now rather than a decade ago!

Q: You’ve been playing live tournaments for 10 years now. Do you still get a thrill out of it?

No, not really, only when I go deep in a tournament... but still I love to meet old acquaintances and see how they change from year to year...

Q: Who is the toughest opponent you’ve faced in poker?

My #1 nemesis is Thomas Muehlocker (wushuTM) he took my money for years... Japanese work ethics killed my freestyle game :-p

Q: I read somewhere that you meditated before winning a table tennis match in Malta. Is meditation something that poker players can use to improve their game? If so, how?

Yes the best way to improve...get started, study it and try till you can enjoy it....don’t give up it’s worth it and it will pay big time!

Q: People see big-name sponsored pros but maybe don’t know what it entails. What does your partypoker sponsorship involve on a daily/weekly/monthly/ basis?

They ask us a lot for:

  • Feedback
  • Behind the scenes/Social
  • Media posts/interviews/photoshoots/blogs etc
  • So far it’s been a really cool journey, new experience...

Q: What are your 2019 plans/goals, in and out of poker?

Pokerwise I might create a new stable and coach them as well as still playing when eventually I feel like it...

Outside of poker: I’m fully into yoga/meditation and climbing up from the midstakes to the highstakes there...

Q: partypoker make you boss for a day – what happens?

Open up to Asia full throttle... create big office there...

Q: You get to design your ‘perfect’ tournament – what does it look like?

$1M buy-in supershort shotclock/no sunglasses hoodies/6max!!!

Q: What is your proudest achievement in the poker world?

Not giving up in the hardest times where most people would have and working through a lot of my personal problems/misbeliefs...the scores are just a natural side product of that.

Q: How do you view the future of poker? Optimistically?

Yes. I’m very optimistic about the upcoming 2-3 years... Markets opening, Stars monopoly being further destroyed brings competition and more money back to players, playerpools re-uniting...

Every prognoses more than couple years is kind of pointless in my opinion... the world nowadays is changing too quickly... especially right now I can see the world Is in a big shift in many ways...

Q: What would your perfect home game look like? Who gets an invite?

Eckhart Tolle, mooji, Gangaji. Playing and at the same time opening up Trump, Putin,and Xi Jinping to higher possibilities...That would be the highest stakes game for humanity.

Q: Do you pool your bankroll with other players?

Nope. That would be wayyy to complicated... But I just started again staking a bit of super highrollers for me and a couple of friends!!! Send me your offers! Only 10ks+!

Q: If you were starting out again would you attempt the new Diamond club elite promo or would you be more of a SPINS player?

I’d go for the SPINS...I started my career with low stakes sngs. So I still enjoy these gambly games sometimes...

Gruissem’s success in the game – and his vision of how to use his wealth for improving the world – has left an indelible imprint on the poker world, and with partypoker at his side there’s almost certainly a new chapter just ahead for the thoughtful and insightful German.

You can keep up to date with Gruissem's blog pieces on the Team partypoker blog here.


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