Global Poker Crowns a New Tournament of Champions Winner!

The Grizzly Games may have finished last weekend, but it was not quite back to a normal Global Poker Sunday Grind this week, the big Teaser and Scrimmage tournaments joined by the Tournament of Champions showdown!

By: Andrew Burnett

Let’s start with the SC$20k GTD Sunday Teaser though, and the SC$110 buy-in afternoon kick-off attracted an excellent 300 entries. That boosted the prizepool by an extra SC$10k, and 45 players would be looking at a min. cash of SC$180 for their efforts, with almost SC$6k up top.

Montana’s Bo Bo-Noz Mortensen spent all day getting it in good, and he had more than one reason to be happy with his play…

…finishing his Sunday grind up ten times his buy-in!

The Teaser title, however, went to Ohio, with Global Poker regular Smitty claiming the SC$5,790 top prize after edging out Texan grinder Logan08, the top seven players all claiming 4-figure paydays as seen below…

1 Smitty SC$5,790.00
2 Logan08 SC$4,350.00
3 1SUPERLION SC$3,300.00
4 Bo-Noz SC$2,475.00
5 IpreferPi SC$1,710.00
6 Sloppydrew SC$1,320.00
7 HuntHacks SC$1,020.00
8 Thegoldenblazer SC$720.00
9 Parsec SC$540.00

The Sunday Scrimmage also attracted a 300+ player field, the SC$218 buy-in early evening affair having an extra SC$12.5k on top of the SC$50k guarantee, with a SC$311 min cash – and a massive SC$11,905 awaiting the winner…

That MonicaLewinsky – or at least Global Poker’s version of her! – was on another deep run, a weekly occurrence it seems, and a 6th spot finish was worth SC$2,643.

With the money jumps getting steeper, it came down to a battle between Coloradan OptimusCreamCake and Nevada’s Omniscient, with the latter seeing everything on his way to the almost SC$12k top prize after more than 5 and half hours of poker.

1 Omniscient SC$11,905.08
2 Optimus CreamCake SC$8,863.50
3 5betbluff711 SC$6,531.00
4 NolanH SC$4,976.00
5 TheBigDiamond SC$3,483.20
6 MonicaLewinsky SC$2,643.50
7 Tmoney27 SC$2,021.50
8 NON OGGI SC$1,399.50
9 Bo-Noz SC$1,063.62

Saving the best for last – this week at least – and the Global Poker Tournament of Champions took centre stage on the US-facing site.

Featuring, as the tweet above states, all the winners and runner-ups from the recently-finished Grizzly Games II series, at stake was not only the kudos of being top dog on the site, but a SC$5k live tournament package, allowing the winner to play any event of their choosing!

The final table proved to be a nervy affair, not quite a winner-takes-all situation, there was plenty of cash to go around for the rest, but everyone obviously desperately wanting that potentially life-changing first prize.

Eventually there was a victor, Kentucky’s finest Brando Reraise1986 Quinlan taking down the title and looking forward to representing Global poker on the live tournament stage.

1 Reraise1986 SC$5,000 Live Event Package
2 MeLikePenguins SC$1,000.00
3 Maysville SC$900.00
4 JoeSan SC$800.00
5 GotIt78  SC$700.00
6 IratePirate  SC$550.00
7 Timmy123  SC$450.00
8 AbUNDANT1  SC$350.00
9 SDeeSU  SC$250.00



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