partypoker Diamond Club Elite Race for 100% Cashback Has New Challenger

A promo that awards 100% rakeback to the first two players to reach the new Diamond Club Elite tier in the partypoker VIP program became more interesting as a third player has emerged to challenge the top two players in the race.

By: Charles Rettmuller

About a week ago, HighStakesDB provided details of how loyal partypoker grinders "SunnyBooy" and "sp0ubledy" were well ahead of the pack in their quest to be the first DCE members and receive 100% cashback until January 31, 2020. Both had raked in the neighborhood of $50,000 since the beginning of February, the first month that the new top tier and accompanying promo were in play - and 1/4 of the way to Diamond Club Elite status.

However, making a push with the clear intention to be among the winners is "arianaGrande7," who raked a massive $30,000 over the last week. That added plenty of drama and excitement to the race, with the current positions and rake totals of the top three partypoker loyalists displayed below:

1 SunnyBooy $93,000
2 sp0ubledy $91,000
3 arianaGrande7 $74,000

To become Diamond Club Elite, players must rake $200,000 in a period of 12 months. Sunnybooy and sp0ubledy are nearing the halfway mark in just a little more than four weeks!

The new Diamond Club Elite level that offers 60% cashback serves as an addition to partypoker's loyalty program, acting as an extension to the Diamond Club tier that awards players with 50% cashback for raking $100,000 in a 12-month period.

Along with 60% rakeback, Diamond Club Elite members will receive a $16,000 VIP Package to partypoker's Caribbean Poker Party in The Bahamas, a seat worth $10,300 to the MILLIONS Online, and exclusive VIP service at partypoker LIVE events. Also, DCE players will be rewarded with cash bonuses of $10,000 upon reaching $100,000 raked, and $20,000 more upon hitting the coveted $200K rake milestone.

Will SunnyBooy and sp0ubledy retain their lead over the competition and forever be known as the first to reach Diamond Club Elite status? Or will arianaGrande7 (or perhaps another challenger) give those players a run for the money? A run that includes a year of 100% rakeback for the winners. Stay tuned.


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