Top 3 Bluffs From Triton Poker Super High Roller Series at Jeju

As the 2019 Triton Poker Jeju gets into full swing we are going to take a look at some of the highlights from last years series.

By: Mark Patrickson

The Triton series has become one the most popular high-stakes events in the poker world, watched by thousands online. The Jeju events have seen the best players in the world meet up with the very best Asia has to offer and created some of the most exciting action we’ve seen for years.

Here are some of the sickest bluffs that were caught on camera at the Triton Poker Super High Roller Series at Jeju 2018.

Hand #1 - $5,400bb Cash Game

Sam Greenwood opens 6d5d from UTG, Wai Kin Yong calls with TdTd from the CO, Rui Cao 7c5c from the BTN, and Tan Xuan Ah4h from the BB.

The flop comes down 3c 3h 2c. Xuan and Greenwood both check and Yong bets his tens for ⅓ pot. Everyone calls!

Turn is the Kc and everyone checks.

River is the Jc and Xuan checks. Greenwood now spots a great opportunity to win with the worst hand four-way and bets just less than half pot. As the pre-flop raiser he knows he can credibly represent the ace of clubs and incredibly everybody does indeed fold. Great opportunist thinking from Greenwood.

Hand #2 - 6 Max Event Final Table

David Peters open KhJd from UTG and Sam Greenwood 3 bets QsQh. Chow Hing Yaung cold calls with 7s7h. Peter folds.

The flop is 6d As Kd and Greenwood checks. Chow bets 30% of the pot sensing that Greenwood might not be slow playing. Greenwood calls.

The turn is the 3d and Greenwood checks once more. Chow now seems unsure and checks behind.

The river is Jc which looks like a great card for Greenwood’s range but he checks his pocket queens once again. Chow is now sure Greenwood has exactly queens and he can credibly rep many aces as well as pocket jacks. He bet little more than half the pot and Greenwood insta-folds the best hand.

Hand #3 - $5,400bb Cash Game

Wai Kin Yong opens KhQs from the CO and Rui Cao 3 bets Th4h on the BTN. Everyone else apart from Yong  folds.

The flop comes Ac 2 c 2d and Yong checks. Cao bets 25% pot and yong calls with only king high.

The turn is Ks and Cao now bets half pot. Yong quickly calls but can’t be happy on this board.

The river is the 3c completing the flush and Yong checks once more. Cao now senses his opportunity and jams about $415,000 for an over bet knowing his opponent rarely has AK here and never a deuce. Yong ponders a short while and lays down his hand with Cao bursting into a fit of giggles before showing the bluff for the camera.


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