Top 2 Folds From Triton Poker Super High Roller Series

The Triton Super High Roller Series has left us begging for more high-quality action from some of the best players in the world. Luckily, the 2019 Triton Jeju has already kicked off and we will soon be looking through some of that exciting action.

By: Mark Patrickson

All the Triton tournaments and the infamous cash game have been littered with incredible reads showcasing unthinkable bluffs and folds. Here are two of the best folds of the series from 2018.

Hand #1 - Main Event

Sergio Aido opens QhJh from UTG and Sam Greenwood 3 bet AsKc from the CO. Everyone but Aido folds.

The flop comes 2d 6d Qs and Aido checks. Greenwood makes a small 40% pot c bet with his overcards. Aido calls.

The turn is the Th giving Greenwood more outs and when Aido check Greenwood bets a bit more than half pot. Aido knows Greenwood can barrel AK here but he also has all the value hands too. Eventually he makes the call.

The river is the Js giving Greenwood the nuts but also Aido top two pair. A tough spot. Aido checks and Greenwood jams his remaining stack into the middle but incredibly Aido doesn’t think too long and makes a fantastic fold.

Hand #2 - Final Table 6 Max Event

Chow Hing Yaung limps KhJc in the SB and Stephen Chidwick elects to check his 5c5d in the BB.

The flop comes As Qd Ts giving Chow the nut straight and he checks. Chidwick decides to play it cool and checks behind.

The turn is the Qc and Chow checks again. Chidwick bets ⅓ pot and Chow now raises. Chidwick isn’t impressed and makes the call.

The river is the 5s and chow now bets 60% pot and Chidwick raises his runner runner full house. Chow almost fall off his seat. A flush is possible too but surely chidwick can’t be raising only trips here.

Chow then sends the commentators into shock by making an amazing fold with both saying they could never get away from a straight in this blind versus blind spot.

You can also read about this amazing fold from Tan Xuan here.


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