Tom Dwan Reveals He’s Fed Up of 30 Hour Sessions in 2019 Interview

Tom Dwan is one of the most mercurial talents that poker has ever seen. After disappearing from sight following Black Friday, we have seen him pop up around Asia in various high-roller events in between the famed high-stakes cash games with Asian businessmen. This week he is playing in the Triton Jeju tournaments and found time to sit down and have a chat about his life.

By: Mark Patrickson

Dwan starts off talking about his favourite places to play poker, and to be fair there were no surprises. London and Montenegro sounded like places he loves to return to again and again, but the Maldives was pretty special and was maybe his favourite along with London. Of course, Las Vegas is always nice but he’s disappointed he can’t find short deck action there.

Going forward he’s looking forward to playing a lot in Asia over the coming months, but so far this trip it’s been brutal with tournaments not going well for him at all. The cash games are still treating him nicely, as they always have done over the years.

The conversation then moves to the standard of Asian players improving every year and if Dwan is prepared to help any of these players. He thinks that all the players are learning from each other and generally won’t give out advice unless it’s a good friend. Like he says, “I didn’t sign up for that!”

Surprisingly, the interviewer is then able to embarrass Dwan by asking how does it sit being the players that is the most obsessed over by the poker community. He looks a tad shy and says he didn’t know that was ever the case.

“I didn’t know the the poker world was obsessed with where I am.”

When asked what advice he would give his younger self the answer was instant.

“I would say learn Chinese! Do it while you’re young.”

The interview ends with Dwan talking about the rise of short deck holdem. He explains it’s a less predatory environment where players can have a much more enjoyable time, win or lose. He also reveals that he was learning this variant three years before anyone had really heard of it. Now though, people are catching up fast.

As for the long term future, like many he hopes to one day not have poker as his main focus in life, but it sounds like that won’t be for many years to come.


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