Top 3 Biggest Online Poker Losers Revealed

Winners, winners everywhere in poker it seems…but not today! It is time to reflect on those who parted with their $millions online, so prepare for a top 3 countdown worth $60million!

By: Andrew Burnett

3. Chun Lei Zhou: $15 million

Of the three men you’ll read about, this is the one you’re most likely to have never heard of! His online nicknames, however, are legendary – patpatpanda, patpatman and samrostan crossing the $15million mark – in entirely the wrong direction - between them.

The Malaysian millionaire turned out to be quite unfazed by this horrific downward trend, stating: “I played for a long time, and lost some money” when his true identity was unveiled back in 2014. Some money being…$10.16million… on one single account!

2. Gus Hansen: $21million

There is little that can be said about the Great Dane’s brutal online results that hasn’t been said before – but he’s on the list so we have to try!

Unlike his prolific live cash game play, Hansen simply couldn’t catch a break when he was in front of a screen, the number $20million with a minus sign quite capable of breaking a lesser man.

1. Guy Laliberte: $31million

If you have enough money, and want to test yourself against the very best in the world, there’s not a single soul in poker who will deny you your chance. You do, however, have to be prepared to see more than $30million of your hard-earned cash disappearing like dust in a spring breeze!

For Cirque du Soleil founder Guy Laliberte it was more like being a balloon caught in a hurricane, finding himself bounced from pillar to post in the nosebleed online games…and the full extent of his losses may never be known, given the multiple, $multi-million losing names he used online.

Of those we do know of, here’s the most brutal of all –  $7million or so punt against the world’s best…

For a more detailed look at Laliberte’s highstakes misadventures, check out this article.


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