ShoeStoreClerk Wins Big in Global Poker Sunday Scrimmage

It was a busy day at the Global Poker tables yesterday, close to 500 players battling it out for the Sunday Teaser and Sunday Scrimmage titles – some SC$75k guaranteed between the two Majors

By: Andrew Burnett

The Sunday grind kicked off as usual for the number 1 US-facing site with the mid-afternoon Teaser, the SC$110 buy-in, SC$25k guaranteed tournament attracting 232 entries all chasing a top prize of over SC$5000.

As usual, a slew of TwitchTV streamers were on hand to share the GP action, Brian ‘TheGoldenBlazer’ Frenzel always attracting a big following.

The final table action was fast and furious, the delightfully-named TheEARTHisFIAT falling in 9th spot, the Michigan grinder walking off with almost SC$500 for a deep run.

Appropriately seeing as it was St. Patrick’s Day, the  Massachusetts duo of Afall1 and REIMON100 shared almost SC$6000 of the prizepool between them, the latter making it to the heads-up battle for the Teaser crown, but it was a hit and run job from Colorado’s HitNRunNitFish that prevailed – a hefty SC$5100 bankroll boost for a fine day’s work.

1 HitNRunNitFish  SC$5,100.00
2 REIMON100  SC$3,750.00
3 WAiT4DARiV3R  SC$2,825.00
4 Afall1  SC$2,125.00
5 Jabrony50  SC$1,450.00
6 Gary Playa SC$1,125.00
7 P2THAJ  SC$875.00
8 StayFocused420  SC$625.00
9 TheEARTHisFIAT  SC$487.50

Moving on to the early evening start for the Sunday Scrimmage and 45 players would be assured of at least a SC$300 min. cash247 runners ponying up the SC$218 buy-in and chasing almost SC$10,000 up top.

Again there was a pan-USA representation, players from east to west coast and plenty of spots inbetween looking to secure big paydays, Georgia’s Fire_Island taking home SC$2200 for an excellent 6th place finish.

As the money got higher, so did the tension – five and half hours play coming down to a heads-up duel for the title and a brutal turn card (for one of the contenders at least!) would decide matters…

1 ShoeStoreClerk SC$9,650.00
2 SlappyMcSpade  SC$7,250.00
3 Enjoymchips  SC$5,500.00
4 Logan08  SC$4,125.00
5 PyroC  SC$2,850.00
6 Fire_Island SC$2,200.00
7 IsThisLegal  SC$1,700.00
8 HeHateMeX7  SC$1,200.00
9 Bgjonesisabtch SC$900.00

That’s it for another Sunday on the Global Poker tables.


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