Durrrr Up to His Usual Tricks at Triton Poker Jeju

Tom Durrrr Dwan has been exciting the fans with his usual brand of daring, fearless play in a Short Deck event at the Triton Poker Jeju. The American looked to be having plenty of fun making moves left and right as we are accustomed to seeing him do.

By: Mark Patrickson

In one hand Dwan finds himself three-way on the turn with top pair, but the board shows four to a straight and a double flush draw. This doesn’t stop him though. Even though his hand has showdown value, it is now basically worthless, so he attempts to bluff both of his opponents out of the pot and pulls it off to perfection.

This second hand shows just what can go wrong when you’re one of the most well-known poker players on the planet and everyone knows just what you’re capable of.

Dwan is heads up with Malaysian star Ivan Leow and gets to the river holding Ac6h on a Th 9s Qs 6d 8s board. Leow decides he still has the best hand with 9h8h, after the turn was checked around, and goes for a small value bet. Dwan then seizes his opportunity to try and get Leow to fold maybe even a bare seven and raises him. Leow thinks for only 10 seconds and snaps him off with amazing confidence even though he doesn’t beat a single hand Dwan might value raise.


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