Marty Mathis Lifts the partypoker South America Main Event Title and $873,700

Floridas Marty Mathis is the partypoker MILLIONS South America Main Event champion, walking off with $873,700 after a 3-way deal and then taking down the title for the biggest win of his career by far and claiming It means the world to me!

By: Andrew Burnett

It took 6 days to separate the 439 entries for the $5million guaranteed flagship event of partypoker’s Rio de Janeiro series, last night’s final table seeing six men returning to decide the tournament’s fate, Mathis sitting 5th in chips as play began.

"I was very short on the bubble”, said Mathis, admitting, “I barely snuck into the money”, but as he explained afterwards, “You have to have confidence in yourself, and confidence in the decisions you make."

Those decisions saw him build a stack as others around him faltered, Caio Hey and Vlada Stojanovic hitting the rails as their short-stacks forced them to gamble. When Samuel Gagnon eventually fell in 4th spot, it was time to talk about a deal…

The dinner-break chat resulted in Bruno Volkmann and Mathis taking about $100k more than shortest stack Matas Cimbolas, with $212,000 left for the trio to fight over.

Cimbolas’ excellent run came to an end soon after, making two pair on the flop with an ace-kicker but running into Mathis’ flopped set, and that was that for the talented young Lithuanian pro, the $½million plus payday taking his career earnings past the $3million milestone.

Heads up for the trophy lasted 3 hours, but when Volkmann attempted a big bluff that backfired, he was left ‘on fumes’ –Mathis finishing the job off soon afterwards to scoop the biggest prize of all!

Final results

1 Martin Mathis $873,700*
2 Bruno Volkmann $687,100*
3 Matas Cimbolas $559,200*
4 Samuel Gagnon $370,000
5 Vlada Stojanovic $300,000
6 Caio Hey $250,000
7 Michael Sklenicka $200,000
8 Andre de Oliveira $150,000



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