Big Money, Big Battles Decide The Global Poker Sunday Majors

The players were out in force yesterday for Global Pokers Sunday Majors, more than 500 combined in the chase for the lucrative Sunday teaser and Sunday Scrimmage titles, the latter boasting a five-figure top prize – and a pretty decent runner-up payout too!

By: Andrew Burnett

Just for a change, we’ll kick off with the ‘big brother’ of the duo, the Sunday Scrimmage, which saw 268 entries, boosting the SC$50k guarantee by a few thousand and resulting in a six-hour slugfest involving players from all across the US.

With a final table appearance worth almost SC$1000, New York and California each had a brace of players chasing the SC$10,344 first prize, with the superbly-nicknamed OptimusCreamCake once again repping his Colorado credentials with a deep run.

As the opening tweet shows, however, it was Connecticut’s Hazel and New Yorker MANTISGUYV10 who would eventually fight it out heads-up for the biggest US poker site’s biggest weekly prize…and Hazel took it down in style!

1 Hazel SC$10,344.80
2 MANTISGUYV10  SC$7,772.00
3 TDBiF  SC$5,896.00
4 Ofyl2000  SC$4,422.00
5 MrAAces  SC$3,055.20
6 Poiuyt  SC$2,358.40
7 Optimus CreamCake SC$1,822.40
8 Cutler27  SC$1,286.40
9 Hakuho  SC$964.80

Earlier in the afternoon it was the aptly-named Sunday Teaser that kicked off the big money grind, the SC$110 buy-in tournament seeing 243 entries and an SC$25k guarantee.

There would be 45 players in the money, all looking at a min. cash of SC$150, but up at the business end there was a lot more at stake, the top 6 all guaranteed SC$1000+ and chasing the close to SC$5k winner’s payout.

Wisconsin’s Sinatra13 was a new name for your scribe this week, and the crooner saw off a concerted California and Virginia challenge to get himself heads-up for the title, only Arizona’s DuQueen2Q standing in the way.

The queen, or two queens, proved too strong on the day and it was a SC$3,625 payout for Sinatra, DuQueen2Q’s bankroll an impressive SC$4,825 healthier – with Teaser bragging rights to boot.

1 DuQueen2Q  SC$4,825.00
2 Sinatra13  SC$3,625.00
3 Warrick28  SC$2,750.00
4 Scrambleggs  SC$2,062.50
5 Hifilorau  SC$1,425.00
6 KY Peddler SC$1,100.00
7 Dianne87@Sbcglobal.Com SC$850.00
8 Wreckies  SC$600.00
9 Wolf1973 SC$450.00

That’s about if from the Global Poker Sunday Majors this week, but if you ever think you’re too busy to play the US site’s big online tournaments, take a leaf out of David rEaLrUeTaMa Moses’ book…


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