Patrik Antonius Gets His Opponents Steaming Drunk During High-Stakes Cash Game

High-stakes legend Patrik Antonius has been letting off some steam with friends during a cash game taking place at his Patrik Antonius Poker Challenge poker tournament in Tallinn, Estonia. Seated with Antonius were names such as Ilari Ziigmund Sahamies and Jungleman.

By: Mark Patrickson

This wasn’t your average high-stakes game. The usual seriousness which normally accompanies these ridiculous sums of cash being passed around was markedly absent. Lex Veldhuis, who was commentating, was in hysterics at some of the shenanigans going on.

Some kind of spirit was being passed around in shot glasses, and before we knew it all decorum was gone. Ziigmund was running around the table stealing sushi, but the real comedy was coming from Sampo Ryynanen who wasn’t in a fit state to even stack his own chips. A while later the Finn was then engaged in conversation with Sahamies when the pair shocked bystanders by suddenly kissing in a more than friendly way!

Daniel “Jungleman” Cates seemed to be doing okay though. At one point he scooped a tidy $126k pot and looked to be in better shape than his rivals. Maybe he was the only one not partaking in the boozing. Cates isn’t exactly known for his wild ways.

Before long, two people were required to carry Ryynanen in an unconscious state back to his hotel room. Not what we expect when so much money is at stake, but with all this fun going on it looking likely that we will see a repeat of this event next year.


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