Randy 'Nanonoko' Lew Leaves PokerStars

The exodus of big name poker players at PokerStars continues with Randy nanonoko Lew announcing that he has left his role as site ambassador after 9 years…

By: Andrew Burnett

Lew’s lengthy double tweet explains the reasons behind the decision to separate from the Canadian online cardroom, joining fellow TwitchTV streamers Jaime Staples, Jeff Gross and Kevin Martin who all parted ways with PokerStars this year.

Known by many as nanonoko, Randy Lew shot to prominence in the late noughties, grinding his way to the now-defunct SuperNovaElite (SNE) status four times and landing a sponsorship deal with PokerStars in 2009.

Lew describes the deal as “a very big step for me”, citing the fact that he preferred to keep himself to himself, away from the ‘degen’ side of poker and his career somewhat secret from his ‘traditional ‘ Chinese family.

Lew’s PokerStars tale was told in the short movie ‘I am Nanonoko’ released in 2011…

The second tweet of Lew’s ‘parting ways letter’ with PokerStars starts with him describing how he stills loves poker – “I consider it my profession” Lew states – but adds that “there wasn’t an itch that I need to grind day in, day out”

This, says nanonoko, is why he didn’t take the SNE debacle as seriously as he might have done – PokerStars reneging on the elite status rewards system halfway through a cycle, costing many players vast sums of money and leading to boycotts and bad press for the company.

Having married fellow pro Celina Lin last year, and with the stability he once felt as a PokerStars team online pro declining, his TwitchTV streaming apparently a strain on him, it seems that Lew has decided it’s time to move on.

“I’m ready to step into the unknown and do what I want to do,” says Lew of life after PokerStars. “I will play poker when I want to play poker. I will be nanonoko”.

HighStakesDB wishes Randy all the best in his future endeavours, and hopefully for his many, many fans at least some of them will be in or around the poker world!


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